CLASS Bio-stimulant
USE Nutrition
COMPOSITION Nitrogen fluid fertiliser, Fe and Zn
DESTINATION Conventional and organic farming


STIM ROOT is an organic Nitrogen fertiliser, which stimulates plant growth by acting directly on the root system. Stim Root contains natural amino acids, easily absorbed by plants, which stimulate root development and accelerate the multiplication of soil microbial flora leading to increased fertility. Stim Root facilitates the absorption of trace elements present in the soil creating the premises for an early establishment, increased yield and improved quality.

STIM ROOT biostimolante radici

Mode of Application

STIM ROOT can be applied to the soil alone or in mixtures with product containing microorganisms, using drip irrigation providing at least 500 L/Ha water.  

On vegetables in greenhouse and open field using drip irrigation, apply 10-15 L/Ha t 2-3 times per crop cycle using at least 500 L/Ha water.

On salads, baby leaf and short cycle crops in greenhouse and open field, use 10-15 L/Ha at 2-4 leaf stage, distributed by aspersion or boom sprayer using 350-500 L/Ha water.

On vineyard and orchard, apply 15-20 L/Ha in drip irrigation using 1000-2000 L water/Ha.

In greenhouse nursery, use 2-3 ml/pot


Do not mix with copper-based products.

Read label and MSDS carefully before use.

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