Our Story

A Mediterranean vocation

Itaka’s story starts in Sicily, where traditions and cultures have been greatly influenced by agriculture, and people have always had a strong bound with the land. It is also a land of variety and contrast when talking about the climate, the landscapes and the biodiversity, typical of this Mediterranean region.

Look after natural resources, using knowledge from farming heritage to find new ways to an eco-sustainable agriculture is Itaka’s philosophy and commitment. Starting in an artisanal way, Itaka is today developing a centre of excellence dedicating to Research & Innovation, specialised in natural solutions for responsible farming. This hub is located on a natural site, surrounded by the green sceneries of an organic farm in the splendid area “TERRA IBLEA”.

Our philosophy: responsible farming

We are an independent manufacturer specialised in natural solutions for agriculture, having a great sense of responsibility towards the environment, consumer’s and farmer’s health.

We are committed to using rigorously selected ingredients and exercising a strict control of all production processes.

We supply our customers with quality products, technically performant and safe to use.

Our solutions: new challenges

Our model looks at improving soil health, plant resilience and generally the environment in which the plant grows. Our customers require new solutions in order to:

  • Support Organic Farming systems,
  • Substitute harmful chemical products,
  • Respond to new challenges in particular in relation with climate change

Our solutions include microorganisms and natural extracts, considered beneficial with regard to Global Impact.


The R&D Hub is a central feature of Itaka’s project on responsible farming. Our laboratory is screening the solutions for the future in co-operation with external scientists and leading research centres. Topics cover: microorganism selection and characterisation, microbiome study, composition and formulation feasibility studies, resilience promotion, disease prevention.

On site experimentations in greenhouse and open field provide technical validation, critical for product profile information. This will be used for consolidation of crop programmes, dissemination and material support for farmers.


GiLoGi's holding ltd (UK)

ITAKA srl is the Italian branch of the Company. It is home to all global functions related to product creation, documentation and manufacture:

It is also managing the distribution in Italy.

ITAKA INTERNATIONAL ltd, based in UK, runs the business outside Italy and is responsible for global market development: