BIORESET is a Resistance Inducer

BIORESET Propolis assists in the natural regeneration of soils damaged by fungal and bacterial contamination.

Resistance inducers are substances of natural origin, different from fertilizers, which interact with the plant and its environment in various ways:

  • It acts as a physical and mechanical barrier.
  • It activates and strengthens the natural defences of plants against aggressions due to phytopathogenic agents or environment.
  • It heals plants from damage, triggering endogenous mechanisms.

Resistance inducers are not considered plant protection products, they have no MRLs and can be used on most crops on account of selectivity.

BIORESET regenerates SOILS

BIORESET Propolis contains natural substances such as propolis and mustard vegetal oil.

Propolis contains FLAVONOIDS, known to interact with the soil microbiome, increasing microbial activity. They are also absorbed by plants promoting defence mechanisms and healing damaged tissues.

Mustard vegetal oil contains GLUCOSINATE known to stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms and reduces pathogen capacity to grow.

The combination of propolis and mustard vegetal oil promotes soil health and favourable conditions for plants to perform.

A specific formulation has been developed and registred for BIORESET. 


BIORESET Propolis is normally part of a soil generation programme for greenhouse crops as part of a transition to eco-sustainable farming.

It should include the following steps:

BIORESET application methods

To apply BIOREST Propolis in greenhouse on vegetable prior to sowing or transplanting, we recommend the following methods:

Greenhouses should be closed for 10 days or longer if the intent is to solarize, before sowing or transplanting. 

Soil should remain wet for about 3 days in order to increase the regeneration process.

For more information:

BIORESET Impact on environment

The ingredients contained in BIORESET Propolis are food-grade quality products and are present in the environment. Certifications, such as CAEE consider acceptable their impact on the environment and BIORESET Propolis suitable for use in organic farming. 

Using programmes based on BIORESET Propolis consent the substitution of harmful products in withdrawing phase, one more step in the direction of RESPONSIBLE FARMING