CLASS Association of microorganisms
USE Prevention, Vitality
COMPOSITION Glomus intraradices, Bacillus spp, Pseudomonas spp, Azotobacter spp
DESTINATION Conventional and organic farming


Koncia UMB is a microbial seed treatment product used on vegetable and broadfield crops seeds. It contains a highly active formulation of beneficial rhizosphere microorganisms together with an Arbuscular Mycorrhizae (AM) complex.

Koncia UMB increases biological soil activity around the germinating and accelerate early root development leading to better absorption and overall plant growth benefits. It increases root surface area and fixes atmospheric nitrogen.

KONCIA UMB sementi orticole

Mode of Application

Koncia UMB has been developed for application on seeds of various dimensions and drilling rates. The following techniques can be used:

  • Direct application on seeds: Mix-in minimum 3 volumes of water and apply directly on seeds. Mix seeds until dry. A polymer can be added, having checked compatibility.
  • Coating/Pelleting: mix the product with the inert respecting the defined dose-rate.

Koncia UMB application rate is 150-200 g/ha diluted in 3 volumes of water, corresponding to an adequate presence of microorganisms in the field, and a correct repartition of the product on the seeds. Dose-rates should be calculated as follows:

On vegetable seeds (Lettuces, radish, spinach, carrot, fennel, parsnips, tomato, pepper, cucumber, zucchini):

Drilling rate of 10 to 35 kg seeds/Ha        Dose-rate: 5g to 12g product/kg of seeds.


On legumes (Peas, beans, lentil):

Drilling rate of 60 to 300 kg/Ha                 Dose-rate: 0,5g to 2,5g product/kg of seeds


On field crops:                        

Maize:                         Drilling rate: 20 to 40 kg/Ha                       Dose-rate: 5g to 10g product/kg of seeds

Sunflower:                 Drilling rate: 5 to 10 kg/Ha                          Dose-rate: 20g to 40g products/kg of seeds


On other crops, maintain the dose-rate of 150-200 g product/Ha, applied on the appropriate quantity of seeds.

DO NOT mix or apply with FUNGICIDE or BACTERICIDE products


Store at temperatures between 4 ° C and 30 ° C.

Treated seeds must be stored in a temperature-controlled environment.

Read label and MSDS carefully before use.

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