CLASS Association of microorganisms
USE Prevention, Nutrition
COMPOSITION Bradyrhizobium japonicum
DESTINATION Conventional and organic farming


KONCIA Soy is a performant formulation containing a high concentration of Bradyrhizobium Japonicum viable cells. This soybean specific rhizobium develops on the new roots emitted from the treated seeds; it enters into symbiosis with the host plant and forms nodules on the roots. The soybean plant provides sugars and amino acids to the rhizobium, which in return fixes a large amount of nitrogen in the form of ammonia.

 KONCIA Soy also contains lipopolysaccharides, also called “Nod Factors”, responsible for the formation of nodules and subsequent plant bio-stimulation.

KONCIA Soy simbiosi Bradyrhizobium Japonicum

Mode of Application

Distribute 75 ml KONCIA Soy on every 25 kg of Soybean seeds or 3 kg / MT seeds.

Spray uniformly on seeds using an appropriate application system.

KONCIA Soy simbiosi Bradyrhizobium Japonicum




Store at temperatures between 4° C and 30° C.

Treated seeds must be stored in a temperature-controlled environment.

Read label and MSDS carefully before use.

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