CLASS Bio-stimulant
USE Nutrition
COMPOSITION Nitrogen fluid fertiliser
DESTINATION Conventional farming


KAYPOWER Flo is a liquid fertilizer with bio-stimulant properties, stimulating the development of inflorescence, increasing stem diameter, maintaining the plant’s natural balance, improving cell development and division. The natural plant hormones and betaines it contains, enhance fruit setting, cell elasticity (fruit enlargement and elongation) and resistance to climatic stress are.

KAYPOWER FLO biostimolante

Mode of Application

KAYPOWER Flo should be applied on the vegetation during vegetative growth, fruit set and fruit enlargement (2–3 applications per crop cycle). In stress situation, it can be applied to the soil.

On vegetables in greenhouse and open field using drip irrigation, apply 2.5-5 L/Ha using at least 500 L/Ha water. As a foliar application, apply 1-3 L/ha in 400-1000 L/ha water.

On vineyard and orchard, apply 1.5-2 L/Ha as a foliar spray using 300-1000 L/Ha water.


Do not mix with copper-based products.

Read label and MSDS carefully before use

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