CLASS Resistance inducer
USE Soil prevention
COMPOSITION Propolis extracted in a hydroalcoholic and oil base solution
DESTINATION Conventional and organic farming


ITALO Propolis is an extraction of natural Propolis in a hydroalcoholic and oil base solution. It contains flavonoids known to interact positively with useful microorganisms. They are also responsible for increasing plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses as they stimulate plant endogenous defence system.

As a soil management tool, applying ITALO Propolis under a solarizing film may increase the effect of solarization.

ITALO tracheomicosi

Mode of Application

Apply ITALO PROPOLIS using drip irrigation in pre or post-transplant of vegetable crops in greenhouse or open field:

Use 1 ml of product per Litre of water. Irrigate after treatment in order to moisten the root zone.

On vegetable crops: Use 7-10 kg / ha.

On plantlets or sensitive crops such as cucurbitaceae, green pepper use 3 kg / ha.

Do not apply immediately after transplant. Repeat monthly if required.

Shake product before use. The product should be applied alone, during the cooler hours of the day or when soil temperature is above 10°C.


Use personal protective equipment (PPE). Use closed mixing tanks for preparation.

Read label and MSDS carefully before use.

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