CLASS Plant extract
USE Resistance
COMPOSITION Conifer bark extracts
DESTINATION Conventional and organic farming


DAMOCLE WP is a plant extract rich in phenolic compounds, including gallic acid and ellagic acid, belonging to the group of hydrolysable tannins. They act as a physical barrier creating a natural film on the vegetation. Furthermore, laboratory studies conducted on grape downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola) and tomato alternaria (Alternaria solani) confirmed a reduction in the pathogen’s mycelial radial growth index. These properties produce unfavourable conditions for the development of fungi and may be used to complete existing strategies.

Mode of Application

The product should be applied as a preventive foliar intervention (1 or 2 applications) in integrated or organic programmes during the periods of fast vegetation growth, in mixture with systemic products, or with reduced quantities of copper.

On vegetables, salads and baby leaf in greenhouse and open field, use 300 – 500 ml/Ha in 300 to 600 L water/Ha.

On potato, use 500 – 600 ml/Ha in 300 to 600 L water/Ha. On Cereals and legumes, use 300 – 400 ml/Ha in 250 to 400 L water/Ha.

On vineyard (wine and table grape) and Orchard, use 500 – 600 ml/Ha in 250 to 1000 L water/Ha.

Increase water volume on account of vegetation density. Use “Fine/Medium” type nozzles.


Shake well before use. Test compatibility with other products.

Do not apply in case of high temperatures.

Read label and MSDS carefully before use.

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