CLASS Plant extract
USE Resistance
COMPOSITION Conifer bark extracts, copper and sulphur
DESTINATION Conventional and organic farming


COVER is a Copper – and Sulphur – based liquid amendment with a mix of coniferous resinous plant extracts. Plants treated with Cover are more resilient to adversities.

COVER malattie fogliare

Mode of Application

The product should be applied as a preventive foliar spray (1 or 2 applications) in integrated or organic programmes. Ensure good spray coverage.

On vegetables in open field, apply 2-2.5 L/Ha in 250-600 L water/Ha.

On Cereals and field crops, apply 1-1.5 L/Ha in 250-400 L water/Ha.

On orchard and vineyard, apply 2 L/Ha in 250-1000 L water/Ha.

Use “Fine/Medium” or “Fine” type nozzles.


Shake well before use and keep product agitated in the spray tank. Do not mix with products reacting with copper. Check physical compatibility with other products before tank mixing.

Read label and MSDS carefully before use.

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