CLASS Plant resistance inducer
USE Resilience
COMPOSITION Fluid sunflower lecithin in emulsion
DESTINATION Conventional and organic farming


CALIMERO is a completely natural product used to increase plant resilience to adversity, building-up resistance and reducing attractivity. CALIMERO acts as an emulsifier, improving plant and insect coverage, thus improving the activity of foliar products, such as insecticides.

Mode of Application

CALIMERO needs to cover the whole vegetation, making it important to increase water volume on account of the vegetation. Respect product concentration of 0.4% in water.                                

On vegetables in Greenhouse, apply 1.8-4 L/Hain 450-1000 L water/Ha.

On open field crops, use 2-3 L/Ha in 250-400 L water/Ha.

On orchard and vineyard, use 2.4-4 L/Ha in 250-1000 L water/Ha.                                                                                       

In case of tank-mix, Calimero can be used in mixtures at the concentration of 0,3% in water.

Use “Fine/Medium” or “Fine” type nozzles.


Wear protective gloves/eye protection. Shake well before use. 

Do not mix with alkaline products.

Read label and MSDS carefully before use.

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