CLASS Resistance inducer
USE Regeneration
COMPOSITION Propolis extracted in a hydroalcoholic and oil base solution
DESTINATION Conventional and organic farming


BIORESET MF Propolis is an extraction of natural Propolis in a hydroalcoholic and oil base solution. It contains flavonoids known to interact positively with useful microorganisms. They are also responsible for increasing plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses as they stimulate plant endogenous defence system.

As a soil management tool, applying BIORESET MF Propolis under a solarizing film may increase the effect of solarization.

BIORESET fumigazione

Mode of Application

BIORESET MF Propolis should be applied to soils, once prepared for sowing or transplanting, in absence of crops:

In greenhouse fruit and leafy vegetable, baby leaf and ornamental crops, distribute 400-800 kg/Ha of Bio Reset MF on prepared moist soils, using an adequate field fumigation equipment in order to position the product at a depth of 20-25 cm.

After application, irrigate by aspersion wetting the 20-25 cm treated and cover with plastic mulch (TIF) or solarizing type.

Shake well before use. The product should be applied alone, during the cooler hours of the day or when soil temperature is above 10°C.


When in contact with water, it may release tear-forming organic sulphur compounds. Use personal protective equipment (PPE). Use closed mixing tanks for preparation.

Read label and MSDS carefully before use.

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