CLASS Association of microorganisms
USE Soil prevention
COMPOSITION Glomus intraradices, Bacillus spp, Trichoderma spp
DESTINATION Conventional and organic farming


3KO is a microbial liquid formulation containing useful microorganisms such as Glomus intraradices, Trichoderma Harzianum, Asperellum and Atroviride. Their presence improves soil vitality and stimulates the interaction between soil, root and the environment, essential in any eco-sustainable programs for soil fatigue prevention.

3KO acts as a bio-stimulant, increasing plant growth through auxins productions,

By developing rapidly in the rhizosphere, it creates antagonism by competing for space and nutrients, and producing secondary metabolites,

Mycorrhizal activity enhances root volume and activity, improving absorption.

Soils treated with 3KO are healthier and more fertile.

Trichoderma, 3ko

Mode of Application

The product 3KO needs to be applied to the soil, preferably using a drip irrigation system. Alternatively, it can be applied using a boom sprayer on moist soils followed by a light irrigation.

On vegetable in greenhouse and open field using drip irrigation, apply 2-5 L / Ha with at least 500 L/Ha water. Split dosage in 2 or 3 applications (2-3 L/Ha per intervention) during the crop cycle.

On drilled and transplanted vegetable in open field situations, distribute 3 L/HA with a boom sprayer using 350-400 L / Ha water. Follow with a light irrigation. For band application (50%), dose can be reduced to 2L/Ha

On salads, baby leaf, radish and short cycle crops in greenhouse and open field, use 2-3 L/Ha at sowing, distributed by aspersion or boom sprayer using 350-500 L/Ha water. Repeat the applications over several cycles according to soil conditions.

On vineyard and orchard, use 1-2 L/Ha as a foliar application at vegetative restart using at least 500 L water/Ha, ensuring correct coverage of soil, shoots and stems.

As a localized application at planting, mix 0.5 kg in 100 L water and pour 100 ml of solution per hole.


Store at temperatures between 4° C and 30° C. Administer in the cooler hours of the day on irrigated soil.

Do not mix with fungicide products. Do not mix with non-organic fertilisers. Keep solution pH between 6 and 6.8.

Read label and MSDS carefully before use.

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